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A platform for joint analysis of biosignals ensembles on real-time using FPGA / Platforma do analizy całości biosygnałów za pomocą FPGA (253–260)

Autorzy: Konrad Mierzejewski, Andrés Véjar


We present the design of a platform for acquisition and digital processing of biosignals. The objective of this platform is to process biosignals in real-time to obtain quantitative indicators for joint analysis of biosignals ensembles. An important indicator of non-linear dependence between signals is the mutual information. The estimation of the mutual information between signals is time- and resource-consuming when using standard software implementations on normal computers. To circumvent the calculation limitations on standard software implementations we use a reconfigurable computing unit of type FPGA, were the calculation of mutual information is specified in hardware.


Słowa kluczowe: biosignals, joint analysis, mutual information, DSP, FPGA

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